Tulum, Mexico





If you haven’t heard of Tulum by now, I don’t know what to say.

Over the past 5 years, it has absolutely blown up as a travel destination for people around the world, and after spending quite a bit of time there, I can see why.

Located on the Caribbean coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, it is a travellers paradise. It just seems to have a mix of everything.

On the nature side, you have crystal-clear turquoise waters, the pristine beaches that offer all sorts of activities, fresh-water cenotes and sinkholes for freediving, and the less-known Sian Kaan Biosphere that is home to a diverse mix of wildlife, including monkeys, jaguars, and exotic birds.

You have hundreds of beautifully architected boutique hotels, endless quality food options, un believable beaches, and ancient Mayan ruins perched atop cliffs overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Regardless of if you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, history, or nature, Tulum just seems to have a little bit of everything.

Oh, and it’s pretty good for taking photos too.

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